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You’ve come here with the goal of enhancing your skills as an ultra runner. Ultrafitness is here to assist you in your journey toward unlocking your full potential. We provide customized support and workout plans designed to suit your individual requirements. Our approach ensures injury-free training, allowing you to progress comfortably at your own pace.

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We are dedicated to assisting both professional and amateur athletes, as well as individuals without a sporting background, in reaching their objectives. Whether it’s conquering your initial half-marathon, completing your first Ironman, or triumphing in your debut ultra competition, we are here to guide you on a path of achievable goals.

Moreover, we are committed to advancing the psychological and scientific aspects of endurance sports. Our comprehensive support encompasses both mental and physical aspects, ensuring a holistic approach to your journey.

Meet our clients

By working with Ultra fitness I managed to avoid numerous injuries, achieved my goals in a short time and gained discipline in carrying out the planned workouts. That allowed me to participate in numerous competitions. I am proudest of the titles of national champion in duathlon sprint age group 35-39 and the rankings on the podium both at the European and World Sprint Duathlon Championships age group 30-34 and 35-39.
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Marius Fora
All workouts were tailored to my needs. I set at the beginning of the year what I want for the next year and I got the plan. All I have to do is respect it. Thus, I had a good year, without injuries, exhaustion or abandonment. Sometimes it's hard to combine everyday life, work and sport, but with a good plan, with suitable and prepared people, everything becomes easier. I did it thanks to Ultra Fitness.
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Teodora Florian
The personalized training plan is a great help in planning your daily life. In 2022, I participated in many competitions. I participated in all four competitions in Romania: XMAN, Timișoara, Transfier and Mamaia. I managed to compete best in Mamaia on the Half-Ironman distance, my time being 5 hours and 15 minutes. I am proud because I managed to finish on the podium at every competition, and in 2022 I was the national champion in the 35-39 Half-Ironman age category.
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Reka Balint
I learned about heart rate zones and how they are used in training and understood what I was doing wrong before. Using HRV as an indicator of daily fitness helped me train harder when my body was ready for it or take an extra day off for recovery. I managed to have my first full year of running injury free and with improved results in all the races I went to. I started to trust the process and that helped me a lot.
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Ionut Robea

Collaboration process

  1. We schedule a first online meeting to get to know each other better.
  2. You will complete a questionnaire that will reveal your health status and your current level of performance.
  3. We establish the work plan and outline the ATP (Annual Training Plan) based on your objectives.
  4. We kick off the training sessions.

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